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ELUUMIS SKY: Large Biophoton ball


The ELUUMIS SKY PROGRAM includes an ELUUMIS SKY device so you can use biophoton energy immediately. 1. You will meet the creators of the ELUUMIS device and program who have implemented biophoton energy in their practices and workflows. We genuinely believe it is essential to have access to creators so you can ask any questions. 2. Introductory Live Session. Once a month, we hold a live introductory session with all new participants. If you cannot participate, you will send the video record to you. In this Live Class, you will learn the basics about biophotonics and the ELUUMIS device to gain a deeper understanding and learn tips for better and faster results. 3. Monthly Live Session/class. You will attend a monthly live session/class where you will learn about a brand new topic every month. You will learn robust biophoton protocols and the latest information you can implement immediately in your practice and life. If you cannot participate in the live session, we will give you access to a video recording. 4. You will get access to knowledge on how to integrate biophoton energy into your professional practice: • Learn how to protect yourself and your patients constantly. • You will learn how to integrate biophoton energy into your approach to working with individuals. • Learn how to keep a constant supply of biophoton energy for better and faster results during work. • This program will teach you simple ways to recover your energy level between patients and clients, making every working day easy. 5. The ELUUMIS SKY program gives you access to all video classes on an ELUUMIS private channel. • practical videos regarding biophoton and ELUUMIS device • all previously recorded Live Sessions/Classes 6. You will meet like-minded people and learn in a friendly, almost family environment. We believe in the power of community, and you will have the opportunity to meet new people and exchange your ELUUMIS experience.


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