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simply about biophoton 

Biophoton energy is a phenomenon that is still not well understood from a scientific point of view. However, it is responsible for all the visible processes of the Universe and is present for everyone. We all know that light is emitted or reflected by objects, but only scientists are aware that light appeared before all objects, even before atoms capable of emitting it. Light and biophotons played a significant role in the emergence of matter and existed long before it.


Photon: No time, no space

A photon behaves as both a particle and a wave simultaneously and moves at the speed of light. This results in the photon existing outside of time and space, as time and space do not apply. 


Photon is the perfect courier

The photon, being massless, serves as the carrier of electromagnetic interaction, transmitting energy and momentum to electrons. It exists only to deliver its "parcel." 


Photon - transfer of energy parcel

When a photon collides with an electron, it transfers the energy and momentum to the electron, causing it to change direction. This is known as dissipation. The electron, which was previously stationary, now gains energy and momentum from the photon and starts to move, experiencing what is called recoil. However, for absorption to occur, the electron must have the property of receptiveness and agree to accept it.


Birth & Death of a photon

A photon is "born" by force and will to convey an energetic message. This occurs due to electromagnetic interactions between charged particles. The photon remains in motion throughout its entire life and "dies" after transmitting an energetic package or message. 

When we use a switch to see the light in a room, we are essentially creating artificial photons through the same electromagnetic interactions, using the power of electricity and will to light up the room. 


Who is responsible for creating the light in our Universe? What kind of power was used to generate sunlight, and how do biological photons appear?

what is the difference?

Artificial photon

In most cases, technologies on the market simulate photon energy and light, creating an artificial pulse of light. Such technologies use artificial light and artificial vibrations, which can contribute to some stimulation of biochemical processes in the body based on the photon's known physical properties. However, such a photon has limited properties and has not been fully studied. 

ELUUMIS biophoton light therapy

Biological photon or Biophoton

Biological photons are necessary for the life of any living organism, including humans. They are emitted by biological tissues and exist in our atmosphere as the most essential element of life on earth. A biophoton is a courier for energy transfer in biological and energetic processes. Scientists are already studying this type of photon and call it UPE (ultraweak photon emission). 


Physical, energetic, and vibration-wave processes stimulate Biophotons. Their charge is initially configured to harmonize biological beings and is the basis of their lives. In essence, Biological photons are charged impulses of the Creator. He is the bearer of the Creator's message, using his will and power. 


More about the Scientific research of UPE and biophoton you can check here:

ELUUMIS: where science meets spirit




ELUUMIS created based on both SPIRITUALITY and SCIENCE.

Each device transmits a natural biological photon.


It has two components: a physical component (hardware) and an energetic component (software).

Physical Component or hardware


The physical material is 100% natural and is an alloy of minerals. Moreover, this alloy has the ability not to absorb but to reflect a biophoton. Due to this property, concentrated transmission of biological photons occurs.


The choice of a spherical shape for the biological photon was not arbitrary. This shape has no edges that can cause photon particles to bend, change direction, or alter their charge. Therefore, the ball's shape does not affect the natural vector of movement or properties of the biological photon and enables the collection of a biological photon from any point on the ball.


Each sphere is 100% handmade.

Energy component or software

The energy component is a program embedded in the very principle of transmission of a biological photon through a physical form. It has a visible part and a non-visible energy part.


The 3D drawing in the center of the ball is the visible part. It is built on sacred geometry, making it possible to transfer a biological photon into a physical form. A pattern helps move and focus photon energy in a specific direction, creating a particular energy field. 


ELUUMIS has an invisible energetic component that attracts biological photons into the ball. This energy is the primary source that preserves the impulse of the power and message of the Creator. To achieve this, an exceptional electromagnetic and spiritual environment is created. 


Each ELUUMIS sphere is loaded by hand and takes 48 hours to load.


ELUUMIS is constantly  connected to a  BIOPHOTON SOURCE.

It creates a BIOPHOTON FIELD around itself

what does it affect?

Biological tissues, processes, and the physical body

Biophotons bring information, energy, and light into the cells' atoms and carry these messages between cells. In this way, biochemical processes, intercellular space, cells, and their communication harmonize, leading to improvement at the physical level.

Mind and Thought

Our thoughts are composed of electrical frequencies. The biological photon, which carries the original impulse from the Creator, harmonizes our electrical frequencies, and resulting in harmonized thought processes, their interaction with emotions and reality. As a result, the mind reaches a state of peace and balance, allowing a person to naturally control their thoughts, enter a meditative state instantly, and finally connect with their spirit.


Biological photons can interact with magnetic frequencies. Emotions are one of the magnetic frequencies closest to a person. By harmonizing with these frequencies, we can improve the processes that affect our emotions, increase their quantity, and enhance our ability to experience them. This harmonization process can help clear emotional blockages, facilitate emotional healing, and promote physical health and a positive attitude.


Let's consider a biological photon from the point of view of vibrations. Such vibrations can add missing vibrations or remove negative ones, harmonizing the vibrational level. This contributes to the normalization, development, and purification of auric fields. Additionally, this property can also harmonize relationships and connections.


By connecting to a constant source of biophotons, ELUUMIS creates a Protective Vibrational field that shields against negative influences: negative emotional, informational, electromagnetic and other radiation.

Simultaneously on all levels - spiritual, mental, and physical

Man is a universe where all processes are interconnected and important. The biological photon influences and works on three components: spirit, mind, and body. It transmits impulses to any of these components and is capable of harmonizing all parts of our existence simultaneously. To develop, it is essential to work on all components, spirit, mind, and body, at the same time.

DNA & Light Level

Biophotons are believed to provide us with the same primal impulse that we receive during birth. They help activate our inner light, giving us access to the DNA level. This allows us to accept updates at the DNA level, accumulate and strengthen our internal light, deactivate unnecessary codes, and activate those that we need. Biophotons can help us become our true selves and make the right choices.

Uniquness of ELUUMIS.png


1. ELUUMIS doesn't require any additional light or energy sources to function. 

2. ELUUMIS adapts to each individual it interacts with, by tuning in with them. 

3. The overall vibrational wave of ELUUMIS is always 10-15% higher than the person it is interacting with, which helps with safe vibrational growth.

4. ELUUMIS emits a high vibration field due to constant connection and photon energy emission. This field harmonizes and protects at the vibration level. 

5. ELUUMIS emits a double positive biological photon, which is pure light and cannot be influenced by extraneous vibrations. 

6. ELUUMIS works based on the Law of the Universe, which includes the Law of Choice. It doesn't irradiate a person who doesn't agree to receive a biological photon.

7. ELUUMIS is a smart device built on biological principles with a unique "character" and "consciousness".


Bovis Life Bioenergy Units

In the 1930s, a French scientist named Andre Bovis developed the Bovis scale to determine the quality of food accurately and simply. As a professional in the food industry, he aimed to increase the vitality of people and food. Bovis proposed that all matter emits radiation and suggested that it was possible to measure the frequency or wavelength of this radiation. He created a scale and used a pendulum to read the value of the product being measured. Bovis referred to his device as a "biometer," which was a huge success. After World War II, physicist Simoneton improved the Bovis method, and the resulting scale division came to be known as the "Bovis value." Healthy individuals have a value between 6500 and 8000 on the Bovis scale.

Bovis Chart Crystal Photon

In order to maintain good health, it is recommended that a person consume at least 6,500 units of energy known as Bovis. This can be achieved through physical means such as consuming nutritious food and water, as well as energetic means such as absorbing vibrations and energy. As per the Bovis Chart, Photon Crystal has an extremely high Bovis value of 500,000.

Salvato Mundi biophoton crystal_ball

Savior of the World

Leonardo da Vinci was not only an artist but also a scientist, mechanical engineer, thinker, and writer. Mass consciousness often portrays him as a "magician of science," and many perceive him as the inventor of "everything in the world." However, when considering the context of other Renaissance engineers, his contemporaries, and predecessors, it becomes clear that he was just one among several individuals who contributed to the foundation of modern engineering knowledge.


Leonardo's unique ability to delve into the essence of things and examine an object from both an engineering and creative perspective resulted in several masterpieces. His incredible foresight enabled him to combine the future, present, and past into one point.


Although the painting "Salvator Mundi" (Savior of the World) has a complicated history, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece created by a man who saw the essence of things and combined science and spirituality to make breakthroughs in science and art.

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