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Biophoton energy is a powerful tool that can be used to improve any aspect of our lives. This gift from nature can heal you instantly as long as you know how to focus and direct it properly. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, biophoton energy can harmonize your physical body, emotional state, spiritual and energetic components, relationships, brain and mind functioning, manifestation, DNA, clear any blocks you may have, and much more.

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"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo


1. This program will teach you simple ways to implement biophoton healing in any area of your life, health, and well-being

2. The program will teach you to use biophoton energy to reach your goals and attract the right people

3. You will be able to communicate directly with the program's creators and ask any questions you may have.

4. You will meet like-minded people in a friendly and supportive environment.

5. You will learn unique practices and their basics. In addition to learning the knowledge and skills of working with biological photos, you will also learn the basic principles of how physical and energetic bodies work together. 

6. You will have access to all recorded classes, protocols, and live classes in a closed channel with unique information, including those in the future (!!!)

7. Every month, you can participate in a new live class with new information, practices, and protocols.

8. As a bonus, you will receive an ELUUMIS Biophoton healing device!

9. You will become a natural and real self-healer.


ELUUMIS  natural light  healing biophoton therapy


Implement Biophoton energy into your life and our practice. 

The program comes with a biophotonic device

ELUUMIS  SKY light device and program
ELUUMIS MATTER bophoton heading energy


Become Natural Self-Healer 

The program comes with a biophotonic device

ELUUMIS MATTER device and program
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